The New Economy

1 Dec

Leading on from Lecture 6, an example of a web service that has rendered the ‘middle man’ useless is online ordering and shopping.

For example, if you wanted a week of fresh groceries and other assorted items that you would otherwise have taken a trip to the local Tesco or Asda to buy, you can now order everything you need online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep relatively speedily.

This eliminates the need for material stores and shop workers, because everyone has the ability to order what they want on the supermarket websites. Admittedly, a large number of people prefer to shop within the actual supermarkets, for a number of reasons, but the web service has the potential to remove the need for supermarkets entirely.


My social networking sites.

15 Nov – My personal Facebook page. – My personal YouTube channel.


Looking at the Facebook page shows a lot of information about me, my name, age, my activities, my likes and dislikes, photos of me, my friends, and my wall posts. It also depicts the person I am in my personal life, as opposed to a professional identity that would identify me in the working world.

The YouTube channel is similar, although it gives little information to visitors about myself. It shows my age and the country I live in. However, it only has one video uploaded which is a personal video, which identifies me personally, and not professionally.